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Registration FAQ

Registration FAQ
INTERSPEECH 2022 Registration FAQ

Last Updated: July 6, 2022

Who should I contact in case I have any problems with registration?

Please contact the professional conference organizer (PCO) - Hyundai Asan at or - they have a dedicated registration service.

Please do not contact the technical chairs (by replying to the paper acceptance/rejection email) - while they are responsible for the technical program and papers, they are not experts in registration issues and will forward your email to the PCO anyway. For registration questions – it is best to contact Hyundai Asan at or

  • I experience problems with my credit card payment.
    The credit card payment system will come live on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. If your problem continues after June 29, please contact the PCO at In the meantime, payment by bank transfer is also available.
  • What is the difference between the July 1 and July 10 deadlines for the registration?
    July 1 is the deadline for authors. In order to have your paper included in the program, the registration and the payment must be completed.
    July 10 is a deadline for the early-bird registration and presenter registration. In order to allocate the sessions, we need presenter information in advance.
  • If the Registered Author and the Presenter are NOT the same people, does the presenter still need to pay the registration fee while registering as a paper presenter before July 10?
    Yes, everyone presenting a paper at INTERSPEECH must be registered.
  • If I have registered for early-bird virtual sessions and want to change my attendance to in-person sessions, what is the price that I pay for the in-person registration?
    You only need to pay the fee difference between in-person and virtual registrations. For example, if you have made an early-bird virtual registration, the early-bird, rather than standard, in-person registration fee will apply.
  • Why do I have to pay ISCA Membership?
    ISCA has a policy that every INTERSPEECH participant must be an ISCA member. You can acquire your ISCA Membership directly from ISCA website or have it paid together with your INTERSPEECH registration. The latter option will be more costly as an administrative fee is included.
  • I have applied for a student travel grant, and when should I register?
    Please do not register before you have received notification of the result of the grantee selection on July 4. Exceptions will be made for those who have applied for the travel grant with regards to the author registration deadline.
  • What if the registration page says that my ISCA membership does not exist, has been expired or will be expired before INTERSPEECH 2022?
    You must check the validity of your ISCA membership before the registration and you must be an ISCA member before the beginning of the Conference on September 18 and remain a member for the entire duration of the conference.
    You have two options for updating your ISCA Membership status (1) fix this directly with ISCA via the Membership page - please note that processing can take up to 48 hours; or (2) if you are not a member yet, select Non ISCA Member registration – we offer registration packages with 1 or 2 year membership.
  • As a presenter, which type of attendance should I choose?
    INTERSPEECH 2022 presentation policy is that all oral presentations must be in-person. Accordingly, if you choose a virtual attendance, your presentation will be automatically moved to a poster session regardless of your preference of oral presentation upon your paper submission.
    - Oral presenters must present on-site – that is, you should register for in-person attendance.
    - Poster presenters can present their papers either virtually or in-person.
  • Do I need a VISA to travel to Korea?
    More than 100 countries can travel to Korea visa-free, but circumstances may change due to COVID-19. Please double-check with the Korean Embassy/Consulate in your region to make sure. If needed, you can request a visa invitation letter during your registration. Select the option for a Visa Invitation Letter during registration and one will be created and sent to you.
  • Can I get a VISA invitation letter for my accompany person?
    We will be happy to send an invitation letter for your accompany person’s visa. Kindly send your registration confirmation letter along with your accompany person’s name, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, date of passport expiry, and place of issuance to The letter will be sent to you within one-week in a PDF file.
  • I need an invoice to submit to my organization. Where can I find it?
    If you choose bank transfer payment, the invoice will be automatically sent to your registered e-mail (ID). If you require the invoice to be addressed to your organization, please fill in the organization’s details during your registration process.
  • What is On-going Status?
    Credit Card Payment
    - You will see your status is On-going after the payment. It will take 2 – 3 days for your credit card company to send us the transaction information for the final payment. Once this information is identified, your status will be updated to ‘Confirmed’.