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Social Events

Social Events

Welcome Reception (For All!)

  • Monday, September 19, 18:30 – 21:00
  • Grand Ballroom, Songdo ConvensiA, Conference Venue

We welcome everyone to join the welcome reception at the Grand Ballroom of the conference venue right after the ISCA General Assembly has finished on Monday at 18:30. Please come and enjoy some finger food and drinks to begin the conference with lively networking and performances.

Student Reception (Students only!)

  • Tuesday, September 20, 18:30–21:00
  • Multi Square, Songdo ConvensiA, Conference Venue (Exit 7)

All students are invited to THE famous ‘Chi-Mek Party’; the fantastic pairing of Korean fried chicken and Mekju (beer in Korean). With an EDM DJ, everyone is welcome to dance the night away! Don’t worry if you have dietary restrictions – we have you covered with vegetarian and halal options.

Reviewers & Fellows Reception (For Reviewers and Fellows Only!)

  • Tuesday, September 20, 18:30–21:00
  • Arirang Hall (B1F), Gyeongwon-Jae    Direction Map

Experience the true Korean way of living at Gyeongwonjae with traditional Korean architecture. We would like to take this opportunity to convey our deepest gratitude to our large body of reviewers for delivering meticulous and timely reviews which are crucial for building an excellent scientific program. With the record high number of submitted papers, INTERSPEECH 2022 wouldn’t have been possible without your contribution. Enjoy the beautiful evening of Songdo!

Gala Banquet (For All!)

  • Wednesday, September 21, 18:30–21:00
  • Grand Ballroom, Songdo ConvensiA, Conference Venue

Let’s enjoy the last day of the conference! Although we would have loved to take you to beautiful spots of Korea to celebrate the successful conclusion of the conference, due to large number of expected conference participants we will be transforming the Grand Ballroom of Songdo ConvensiA for the banquet. Enjoy the ‘Fun Zone’ with the photo wall where you can try on the traditional Korean costumes to take instant photos, and learn to play Korean traditional games. Spectacular performances will be ready for the Gala Banquet, so please come and enjoy!

Tour Program to Seoul for INTERSPEECH 2022 Participants

We are excited to announce the tour programs for the participants of INTERSPEECH 2022. There will be 2 courses for the tour program heading to Seoul. Instead of Walking Tour, INTERSPEECH 2022 has decided to provide you with more opportunity to explore Seoul and enjoy the city during the conference.

The tour program is complimentary for everyone but please hurry with the reservation as there are limited spots available!

Course 1 (Palace Tour)

12:00/12:30 Gather at Songdo ConvensiA
➥ 14:00 Arrive at Gwanghwamun Plaza
➥ Gyeongbokgung Palace & National Folk Museum
➥ 15:30 Bukchon & Insadong
➥ 16:30/17:00 Back to Songdo ConvensiA
     (30-minute terms between the buses)

Course 2 (Han River)

12:00/12:30 Gather at Songdo ConvensiA
➥ 14:00 Arrive at Gwanghwamun Plaza
➥ National Folk Museum
➥ Itaewon (drive-through by bus)
➥ 15:30 Banpo Han River Park
➥ 16:30/17:00 Back to Songdo ConvensiA.
     (30-minute terms between the buses)

Please click here for a detailed tour guide.

Reservation link

Course 1 to Gwanghwamun Plaza to Bukchon/Insadong
Course 2 to Gwanghwanum Plaza to Han River

Missed the tour program? Don't worry. There are plenty of things to do in Songdo! Click Here ➟.